Welcome to ALBIS Americas!

The ALBIS Group has been active as a leading distributor and compounder in Europe since 1961 and more recently has expanded its reach into the Asia Pacific and Americas regions with new compounding facilities giving our customers true global support capabilities.

The Americas region is serviced by the following companies:

ALBIS Plastics Corporation, headquartered in Duncan, South Carolina, services our clients in the USA, Canada and South America. Our state-of-the-art compounding facility, which is also located in Duncan, South Carolina, offers local manufacturing for most of our technical compounds according to global specifications.

Our customers in Mexico and Central America are served by ALBIS Plastic Mexico, our subsidiary in Monterrey, Mexico. Local contact in Brazil is provided by our regional business associate in Sao Paulo.

We are proud to offer our customers in the Americas region the same high product quality, exceptional customer service, technical support and product development capabilities as we do in Europe and Asia.

Production plant in Duncan, SC